8 Things to Avoid After a Google Ads Account Suspension



Goo-golly No! 8 things to avoid after a Google Ads Account Suspension

We know it stings, but you CAN survive the Google Ads Account Suspension. Here’s some fool-proof advice on things to avoid once you’ve fallen foul of the Google Ads gods…

1. Don’t Panic!

The first thing to do after getting suspended is to remain calm. Accounts usually get suspended for a reason and most of the time, it’s fixable – with a lot of patience! So take a deep breath, and get ready to do some detective work.

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2. Avoid Foreign Languages

Keeping your communication in English is a must. Google is an American-based platform, so the review team doesn’t necessarily have the resources to understand other languages. To increase the chances of having your account successfully reinstated, make sure you communicate in the language of Uncle Sam.

3. Hold off Hitting the Reply Button

It isn’t a good idea to just respond with a single email when Google gives you a reason for the suspension. Taking the time to review their policies and then make a statement on how you’ll ensure the situation is addressed going forward is much more likely to get you back up and running.

4. Avoid Over-Promising

When making a plan for the suspension, don’t make statements like, “We will guarantee we won’t do it again”. Google knows you can’t guarantee to never make the same mistake twice, so don’t promise more than you can deliver.

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5. Stray Away from One-Size-Fits-All Approaches

Your suspension might not be related to your website, instead it could be an issue with payment information or ads content. It’s essential that you address the exact issue mentioned in the suspension – making every effort to act fast, and any additional ones that Google may present.

6. Avoid Pressuring Google for an Answer

Yes, it’s natural to be frustrated, and it’s fair enough that you want your account reactivated quickly. But it’s unlikely that in-the-moment anger will influence their decision. It’s best to keep your cool and be patient.

7. Don’t Say Bad Things

We know it may be tempting but don’t be unprofessional. Most things the review team says are final and uncontestable. Venting your frustrations in various public forums is a bad idea, as these are monitored by Google and won’t do your account any favors.

8. Steer clears of Reneging on Promises

Whatever you say you’ll do, make sure you do it. If you’ve submitted a list of actions to Google in order to get your suspension lifted, keep your word and follow through. Showing that you do what you say is going to bolster your case and increase chances of the review team lifting your suspension.

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You can do this, team! And one day you’ll look back and laugh about it (hopefully!). Just remember to avoid these 8 things after a Google Ads account suspension and you’re golden!

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