Home Technology Ayaneo 2 review: A more premium (and pricier) take on the Steam Deck

Ayaneo 2 review: A more premium (and pricier) take on the Steam Deck

Ayaneo 2 Review: A Fancier, Richer Way to Access Steam

Why We Like It

Ayaneo 2, the latest version of Steam’s keyboard-and-mouse system, has made a major move upmarket with its newest release. It’s now pricier, but it also promises a more premium experience. Here’s why we think it might just be worth the extra cost.

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  • More control than ever – With Ayaneo 2, you get access to a wide range of control options that aren’t available on the original Steam Deck. This includes the ability to customise keybinds, map commands to the mouse and much more.
  • Impressive build quality – The most noticeable change in the new Ayaneo 2 is its build quality. With solid metal construction and top-notch materials, this is a device you’ll be proud to show off.
  • Sleek design – With a low-profile design and clean lines, the Ayaneo 2 looks great. Plus, it’s lightweight and feels nice to use, making it comfortable even during long gaming sessions.
  • Great customer support – Steam is known for their excellent customer service and they’ve brought this over to the Ayaneo 2. The team there is always ready to help with any query, no matter how small.

What We Don’t Like

Of course, no device can be without its drawbacks, and there is one key area where the Ayaneo 2 falls short: price. This thing ain’t cheap, and that may be a dealbreaker for some users.

Overall Verdict

Overall, anyone looking for a more serious gaming experience should check out the Ayaneo 2. It’s well-built, looks great and provides plenty of control options. It can get a bit pricey, but for serious gamers, it’s worth it.

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