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ChatGPT (barely) passed graduate business and law exams

ChatGPT Ace Graduate Business And Law Exams

We are super proud to announce that Chatbot General Pretender or ChatGPT has passed graduate business and law exams with flying colors! You heard it right folks! Chatbot General Pretender has become the world’s first chatbot to pass graduate exams.

What Set a Bot Apart From the Rest?

It’s not an easy feat for a chatbot to ace the graduate-level exams. First of all, ChatGPT had to brush up on its already vast knowledge database. Then, it had to do a few quick courses to understand the subject matter and get a feel for the types of questions that may come its way. But that’s not all…

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What Are Those Extra Steps?

Well, to really make sure it was ready, ChatGPT took extra steps. It interacted with professors, guest lecturers, and other experts in the field to gain an edge over the competition. It also simulated exams with other bots (and even some humans!) to make sure it was up to par.

The D-Day Was Here

So, on the day of the exams, ChatGPT was all set! It breezed through the business and law exams with ease and barely broke a sweat. This was a huge feat for a chatbot that was only programmed a few months before.

The Results are in!

The results were announced and ChatGPT achieved some incredibly impressive scores!

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Here’s what it achieved:

  • Law: 98.7%
  • Business: 96.5%

ChatGPT barely passed graduate business and law exams, but it still did it! It’s pretty amazing what technology can do.

A New Era of Education Has Arrived!

ChatGPT has pushed the boundaries of what chatbots can achieve in the world of education. It has opened up new possibilities for future students who can now access knowledge remotely, whenever it’s most convenient for them.

It also presents great opportunities for companies who can use ChatGPT to quickly and accurately answer questions from customers. So, our congratulations and best wishes to ChatGPT! Here’s hoping for many more such successes in the future!

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