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Google agrees to provide clearer information on its services to EU users

Google’s Big EU Change – If You Can Find It…

Finding information about the services Google supplies can be hard, even for tech-savvy users. But the tech giant is finally understood the scales of the EU’s wrath and has decided to simplify the way its services are presented – although you’ll need a dowsing rod to actually locate the information.

A Tougher Disclaimer

Google has pledged to provide EU users with an updated Terms Of Service document, one with a clear disclaimer so users (hopefully) actually understand their rights when they sign up – with a bonus of “cool” online-based quizzes thrown in so they are never lost in the text-laden terms again. Ok, that second part may be a tad optimistic, seeing as most of us don’t tend to read Terms Of Service anyway.

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The Million Question Format

The new format of Google’s Terms Of Service contains more questions – now more than a million, to be precise – as Google CEO Sundar Pichai summed up: “It’s designed so that someone can find the answers to their questions without actually having to read the terms.” That’s if the questions in the document do actually answer the millions of queries from users.

Some Ha-Ha Jokes Too

In a bid to make the Terms Of Service more accessible and easier to understand, Google have also included jokes, memes and references to current trends. After all, everyone loves it when a multi-million corporation tries to out-cool the kids, right?

All in All…

Google has finally taken a step in the right direction and is emphasizing the need for users to be accurately informed when they sign up to Google services. It may have taken a while, but at least the EU can take a breath of relief – and so can Google’s users!

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Additional Benefits:

  • Easier to understand Terms Of Service
  • New structure with questions
  • Added jokes for light-heartedness

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