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Making security invisible with adaptive access management

Maker Security Invisible with Adaptive Access Management: Smarter and More Flawless Security

We’ve all been there: We’ve signed up for something online, and then were dared to go through a never ending security maze to get connected. From long, complex passwords to randomly selected security questions, each step slows progress and dampens those positive vibes that customers are looking for when connecting to the web. How can we make the process easier and integrate better security protocols? The answer is adaptive access management.

Adaptive Access Management: Smarter, Better Security

Adaptive access management allows companies to make security invisible. Rather than requiring every single user to pass a difficult series of security protocols, access management makes the process much simpler. The better the system ‘learns’ and adapts, the higher the level of security. Adaptive access management doesn’t require depending on a single layer of security protocols, instead, it allows the decision process to expand to include identity, geo-location and contextual analysis.

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Instead of being disruptive and unpredictable, adaptive access management makes the process easier to follow and smoother to achieve. When combined, identify and geo-location create a much stronger base of security than passwords and usernames ever can.

Flawless Security With Adaptive Access Management

The great thing about adaptive access management is that it’s not only more secure and effective, but there’s also an added benefit to it – it’s incredibly seamless for the user. Making security invisible means that customers don’t have to jump through hoops or fill in tedious security forms. They are free to skip all that and get right to the heart of the product.

With adaptive access management, businesses can guarantee that the customer is who they say they are, while maintaining a completely seamless process. In terms of customer experience, this is huge. Customers don’t have to battle password reset forms or be stuck with long, complex passwords. They’re free to move right past the security and get started.

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Adaptive Access Management: The Future of Security

We’ve all been annoyed at one time or another by the intensive, time-consuming process of access management. Adaptive access management is the answer to making security invisible, seamless and flawless. Here are some of the ways it can help:

  • Ditch the passwords – Adaptive Access Management allows for secure authentication without the need for cumbersome passwords.
  • Customer experience – Make security invisible and enable customers to move quickly from sign up to product engagement.
  • Confidence – Adaptive authentication helps certify customer identities, creating a better and more secure user experience.

We all know that security is important – but it shouldn’t stand in the way of a great customer experience. Adaptive access management is just the tool companies need to keep customer security high and customer experience strong.

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