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Zellers’ restaurant is coming back as a food truck

Zellers’ is Back With a Vengeance and a Food Truck

Are you ready to take a trip down less-than-memorable foodie lane with everyone’s favorite and not-so-favorite go-to out-of-towner’s restaurant? Zellers’ is back after a surprisingly long absenc and this time, with a twist!

Say Hello to the Zellers’ Food Truck

It’s a miracle we thought we’d never see. Back in the day, you couldn’t take a drive across state lines without stumbling across a Zellers’ restaurant. But then suddenly, without warning, they were gone… Until now! That’s right. You can once again find Zellers’ in nearly every (ahem) vacant lot. But with the burger-and-fries style restaurant no longer accessible with bricks-and-mortar, they needed to switch things up a bit to survive. Enter: the Zellers’ food truck!

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What is Zellers’ food truck Serving Up?

Zellers’ isn’t resting on its laurels with just burgers and fries. They’ve added new and exciting items to the menu including:

  • Vegetarian options for those looking for something a bit healthier or a different taste.
  • Gourmet tacos, packed with Mexican favorites like carnitas, al pastor, and chicharrones.
  • Casual comfort food like fish and chips and grilled cheese sandwiches with a gourmet spin.

Introducing the Zellers’ Craze

Lines have already started forming and it looks like the popular restaurant isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Nutella burgers, fries topped with jalapeños – you name it and you’re likely to find it on the Zellers’ food truck.

For those who’d like to take a trip back in time and try some classic Zellers’ dishes, the Zellers’ food truck is your best bet. Just remember to get there early because these food truck relics come and go as quickly as the food on their truck.

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Let’s face it: sometimes, nostalgia is unavoidable. So why resist? Get out there and experience the Zellers’ phenomenon for yourself before it’s gone again!

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