Google AI can create music in any genre from a text description



Google AI Is a Music Mastermind

AI’s never seem to cease dazzling us with their capabilities, and the latest out of the Google labs is no different. It turns out the tech giant’s researchers have developed a neural network that can generate near-limitless amounts of music in almost any genre imaginable – all based on a plain-old text description!

That’s So Metal!

This means if you’re looking for an metal jam that captures the vibe of a thunderstorm, you can just say that to the network! Not that it’s going to find a guitar to thrash out the riffs – this music is all created digitally. But that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

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This AI trickery is made possible by two neural networks working together, one of which is called a “generator” and the other a “discriminator”. Basically, the generator creates musical sequences, and then the discriminator gives it feedback on whether it lived up to the text description or not.

The Music of the Future?

In theory, this could be the beginning of music on demand. Instead of scrolling through Spotify’s library, soon you may be able to just describe the music you want – and have a computer compose it for you! Pretty freaking awesome, right?

Plus, it’s opened doors to new music genres that until now have only been imagined in our wildest dreams. From riddims to chillwave, if it can be described, it can be created. And the possibilities get even more exciting when you consider other tasks AI have been taking on, such as painting and writing music reviews!

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The Bad News

The only downside to this amazing development is that robots aren’t about to overthrow the world music market anytime soon. As impressive as the AI’s creative potential is, the team that developed it said that any music it creates isn’t ready for human consumption just yet. Sorry everyone, you’re stuck with Maroon 5 for the foreseeable future.

But that’s alright – it just means there’s gonna be a whole new class of music-making robots in the very near future. When that day comes, might wanna start brushing up on your robot-speak – or else you’ll be out of the loop on all the latest hits!

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