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Here’s what’s coming to CBC Gem in February 2023

February 2023 — Get Ready for a Fresh Slate of Fun New Shows on CBC Gem

The dull days of the dead of winter are heating up with an exciting new lineup of content being added to CBC Gem! Get ready to binge your way through February with these fresh titles. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

The Latest Settler Drama: “Terraces on Foxridge”

Grab a warm cup of tea and cozy up for an intense drama. You’ll be hooked with the first episode of “Terraces on Foxridge,” a thrilling story of two families in 19th-century Nova Scotia struggling to survive on a harsh new frontier. Get ready for plenty of tears, heartache and moments of unexpected levity.

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Romantic Comedy: “Love Lacks All Reason”

Get ready to laugh out loud with a twisty romantic comedy about two star-crossed lovers separated by fate, family and fateful miscommunications. Nothing ever turns out quite the way you expect in this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek exploration of true love.

Sci-Fi Invasion: “The Extraterrestrial Diaspora”

Follow along as a struggling astronaut discovers the secrets of an alien race in this thrilling sci-fi adventure. Travel with him on a journey of discovery and exploration as he attempts to unlock the truth and unlock a better future.

And More!

And that’s just the beginning! You can also expect:

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  • Horror-thriller: “Curse of the Fey Woods”
  • Political drama: “Skulduggery on Parliament Hill”
  • Mystery: “The Unsolved Ancient Anomaly”
  • Period piece: “The Manchurian Obsession”

So clear your calendar for the rest of February and get ready for an amazing array of entertainment, only on CBC Gem!

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