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Minister Champagne isn’t hurrying to approve Rogers-Shaw merger

Rogers and Shaw’s Long, Long Wait for merger Approval

Expectations were high when Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications announced their planned merger earlier this year. Companies and customers alike were no doubt keen to see the effect of the $26 billion deal.

Unfortunately, after months of negotiations, the fate of the merger still hangs in the balance. Reason? Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Champagne isn’t in any rush to give the deal his stamp of approval.

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Where Did It All Go Wrong?

It’s anyone’s guess why Champagne has yet to greenlight the deal. Maybe he’s just a stickler for detail. Or perhaps he’s punishing the businesses for their impudence in attempting to merge without first asking his permission?

Whatever the true reason, it’s clear that this bureaucratic delay is causing plenty of headaches. Companies and customers have had to put their plans on hold as they wait for the merger to be approved or denied. Could this spell the demise of the deal?

So What Have We Learned?

One thing is for sure, the merger’s been a lesson for us all. We mustn’t forget about the importance of red tape and bureaucracy when working in the business world. Businesses who disrespect the red tape will surely end up in a sorry state.

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So, remember this sage wisdom – if you want to make it in business, always listen to the powers that be!

What To Do In The Meantime?

In the meantime, the best thing everyone can do is wait patiently. After all, Minister Champagne doesn’t work to our timetable. Here are some ideas to while away the time:

  • Organize your sock drawer.
  • Binge watch “The Office” for the millionth time.
  • Complain about Roger’s and Shaw’s network connections.

At the end of the day, all we can do is be hopeful and (try to) stay sane. We can only wait to see if Minister Champagne finally casts his iron fist and grants his permission for the merger to go ahead.

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