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Prime Gaming adds Morrowind in its February offering

Morrowind Now Available on Prime Gaming!

If you’re an avid gamer and an Amazon Prime member, then you’re gonna want to hear this! Prime Gaming is kicking off February by adding the iconic adventure RPG game – Morrowind – to its library of free games. We know, we know – it’s music to our ears too!

Here are some highlights to look forward to:

  • Relive memories from the 2002 classic!
  • Explore Vvardenfell – one of Tamriel’s most iconic regions.
  • Customize your character with 21 classes and multiple attributes.
  • Discover an epic story, filled with plenty of twists and turns.

What’s more, you can also add this title to your Steam library! Plus, the free version of the game includes the complete original 2002 release of Morrowind with all its achievements, along with the three expansion packs – Tribunal, Bloodmoon and Docmana Ka Grash. Awesome, right?

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For anyone who seriously loves gaming, it’s time to relive the beloved 2002 version of Morrowind. Get ready to embrace the adventures of Vvardenfell with Amazon Prime’s newest offering!

Now all that’s left is the waiting, so grab some snacks, get comfy and keep your eyes peeled for the start of this spectacular gaming adventure. Let the journey begin!

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