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Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite saves two Canadians stuck in the snow

Yay for Apple and their Emergency SOS via Satellite!

If you haven’t heard the news, two Canadians who were stuck in heavy snow for nearly two days- were saved thanks to Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite! 

What’s SOS?

For those of you who don’t know, Apple recently released their Emergency SOS via Satellite. This is a great feature that allows Apple Watch users who are in need of emergency care to quickly and easily call for help.

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Life Savers

In this case, the two Canadians were saved by the Apple Watch feature!

Riley Gauvin and Kyal Kennedy, two Canadian snowmobilers, got stuck in heavy snow after an avalanche hit their snowmobile in Quebec’s Chic-Choc mountains.

Safe to say they were in a bit of a pickle. Not to worry though, they were able to eventually get help with their Apple Watch!

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How it Worked

When they realized they really needed help, they used their iPhones and the Apple Watch app to call emergency services. And rescue teams were able to successfully reach the pair after nearly two days!

What You Should Know

If you, or someone you know, own an Apple Watch series 4 or later, here’s what you should do in an emergency:

  • Press and hold the side button and the Digital Crown for about 6 seconds. This will activate the Emergency SOS feature.
  • Drag the “Emergency SOS” slider. This will call emergency services.
  • Enter your Medical ID and emergency contacts. This will provide medical personnel with any important health information.

Happy Ever After

The wonderful news is that Riley and Kyal were saved -all thanks to the Apple Watch!

So if you are in an emergency, take a leaf out of the Canadians books and remember, there’s a lifesaver at the end of your wrist. Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite is your knight and shining armour!

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