Bowers & Wilkins announces Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 in-ear headphones



Bowers & Wilkins for your Earbuds

Bowers & Wilkins recently announced the launch of two new in-ear headphones, the Pi7 and Pi5 S2. Whoa, that sounds expensive! Not to worry, these babies are less than a handful of coins, so don’t fear – you won’t have to break the bank.

What Can These Earbuds Do?

These in-ear headphones have been designed to have an amazing sound. Bowers & Wilkins make sure you can experience sound like you’ve never heard before. The Pi7 S2 feature the impressive FST Turbine driver that incorporates a 9.2mm piston driver, so you can enjoy crisp treble and solid bass.

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The Pi5 S2 features a 6.2mm three-phase driver. This means you get a detailed balanced sound thanks to its intense dynamic range. Best of all, these two models are lightweight so you won’t feel weighed down when listening.

Get Ready To Hear Right!!

Bowers & Wilkins have also equipped these new in-ear headphones with their excellent True Comfort Ergonomics so you can enjoy a comfortable listening experience. They are also IPX5 waterproof certified, so they will stand up to a bit of sweat, rain or any other unfortunate splashes.

Plus, with their innovative torque-balanced cable, you can be sure the earbuds won’t come out when you’re getting active. It’s the perfect companion for your next big adventure.

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So, What’s the Verdict?

So, would you like one of these amazing earbuds? We’ve got to say, it’s a pretty sweet deal!

The Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 in-ear headphones are perfect for people who love to listen to their music while they get out there and take on the world. I mean, they do cost less than a handful of coins – so don’t procrastinate, get your hands on these amazing earbuds and hear right!

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