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Google’s AI generated music is unsurprisingly great

Google’s AI-Generated Music is Great — No Surprise There!

Good ol’ Google. As if they weren’t making headways in enough areas, they now have to face you in a battle of the musicians! Although Google is using AI to generate music, there’s no denying how wonderful the results are.

Art for Artificial Intelligence

Google’s AI-generated music project started back in 2020. The goal was to create an AI model with the ability to compose original music from scratch. To their credit, Google has created an AI model that can almost easily compose entire symphonies and compositions in mere minutes!

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Next, Google researched how humans interpret different music styles. Then they created models to generate multiple song samples with that style in mind. Finally, they scored and ranked these musical pieces based on their musical sophistication, accurately replicating a variety of musical styles. The results were surprisingly enjoyable pieces of music that many of us might consider worthy of a soundtrack.

Google’s Robot Doppelgӓnger Band

Google didn’t stop at just creating AI-generated music, but they also created AI robots that could play these songs! If this isn’t AI taking a bite out of the music industry then I don’t know what is.

The robotic band is quite impressive, too. Each robot musician has its own special style of playing, from funky bass lines to soulful sax solos. Just think: you can now enjoy a jam session with a robot band and you don’t even need to buy instruments!

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So Will AI Replace Human Musicians?

Not yet. AI-generated music is still a work in progress and the technology is still far from perfect. However, it is quite impressive to see the potential that these bots have and the wonderful music they create.

Plus, there are still so many things that AI can’t do that only a human can. There’s nothing quite like the passion, emotion, and vulnerability of an artist performing live on-stage. Nothing a machine could ever replicate.

IN Conclusion

Google’s AI-generated music is surprisingly great, but that’s no shocker considering they’ve conquered so many other areas. Here’s to hoping they continue their advancements in AI-music and their robotic doppelgӓnger band can hold a candle to their human counterparts!

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