Home Technology Like users, app developers are fleeing Twitter for Mastodon

Like users, app developers are fleeing Twitter for Mastodon

Migrating From Twitter to Mastodon – It’s Really Not So Bad!

Many of us have been hearing about Mastodon recently and if you’re a user, or app developer on Twitter, you’re probably thinking about making the move. Fear not – it’s really not so bad and here are just a few reasons why:

Reason 1 – A Better User Experience

Mastodon provides a better user experience than Twitter by providing features like threaded conversations, better list-building tools, an improved search feature, and plenty of moderation options. Overall, it’s just a much smoother and easier-to-navigate platform.

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Reason 2 – More Ability to Customize

For app developers on Twitter, the ability to customize their apps is severely limited. Mastodon on the other hand provides app developers with the ability to customize almost every aspect of the user experience, from the user interface to the types of notifications they can send out.

Reason 3 – More Community-Oriented

Mastodon is much more community-oriented than Twitter and is made up of smaller groups called “instances.” This allows users to stay within their comfort zones and be part of a smaller, more connected group.

Reason 4 – Less Trolls

One of the biggest problems with Twitter is the amount of trolls on the platform. On Mastodon, moderation controls are much stricter and user-created bots can help weed out those pesky trolls.

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So now you see why app developers are making the switch from Twitter to Mastodon. The added user experience, customization, and community-oriented atmosphere make it much easier to create successful apps. Plus, there’s way less trolls to deal with. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today and experience the awesomeness that is Mastodon!

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