Home Technology Phil Spencer says Microsoft will continue to ‘support and grow’ Halo amid 343 layoffs

Phil Spencer says Microsoft will continue to ‘support and grow’ Halo amid 343 layoffs

Halo Ain’t Dead (But These 343 Employees Might Be)

Oh gosh. It’s a sad time for Halo fans everywhere as the news broke this week that Microsoft is laying off 343 people, most of which worked on the Halo series. With the news, it’s easy to assume Halo is done for, but that’s not the case according to Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer!

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Phil has made it abundantly clear that although 343 is having to make these cuts, it doesn’t mean Microsoft is axing their beloved Halo series. In fact, Phil has said that the company plans to
“support and grow the franchise” even after the layoffs. Phew! Who know what would become of our favorite mischievous AI if said franchise ceased to exist?

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Improving Upon an Already Amazing Series

Thankfully, now that that’s out of the way, we can focus on the bright future that lays ahead for the Halo series. After all, 343 has given us some of the best Halo games to date, and knowing that Microsoft will be pumping resources into the series has us excited to see what they come up with next.

So what can we expect?

  • More impressive graphics (I mean, if you thought Reach looked great, just wait…)
  • More insane soundtracks (Gotta keep the nostalgia hype alive)
  • Potentially even more special events? (I’m talking more Grifball cups. COME ON)

Closing Thoughts

So cheer up, Halo fans! Even with these unfortunate layoffs, our favorite games can live on in a way that would have made even Master Chief proud. It’s time to keep our heads held high and look towards the future of Halo with whatever Microsoft has cooking up. It’s surely going to be epic.

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