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Black swans events are shaping the cybersecurity present and future

The Future of Cybersecurity is as Black as a Swan That Seems to Have Lost its Way

Who says cybersecurity has to be boring? We can make it interesting, exciting and chaotic by talking about black swan events!

Black swans are those events that come seemingly out of nowhere. They can be major events that shook us all, like 9/11 and Brexit. Or they can be more mundane, like the recent Tumblr memes that caught the world by storm.

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Regardless, these events always come with major implications. And it turns out, they’re shaping cybersecurity in a big way too!

Removing Blinders

Coming across these unexpected events can be an unpleasant shock – like having mom throw in a surprise quiz during math class! But when it comes to security, it can be far worse.

Organizations and teams can be completely unprepared for these ‘surprises’ and end up paying the steepest price. The ‘I didn’t know that was a risk’ statement doesn’t hold much ground during court proceedings.

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But black swan events can be valuable too. They provide cybersecurity professionals with an opportunity to break out of their usual routine. They can move past the usual expected threats and come up with creative solutions and risk mitigation protocols.

Hyper-Global and Hyper-Local Implications

Just like traditional events, black swan events can have both global and local implications.

The global implications include new threats that all of us have to consider. Take the current Coronavirus pandemic, for example, where the usual cybersecurity threats have all taken a backseat to a new threat – ransomware.

On the local level, teams must consider the unique implications that such a global event can have on their particular organization. For instance, remote work protocols must now be implemented for most teams, along with access control systems and reliable VPNs.

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It’s Time to Get Creative

In short, these unexpected events can make us reconfigure our usual cybersecurity strategies. It’s time to get out of autopilot mode and get creative with security measures.

For instance, organizations need to:

  • Re-evaluate existing protocols to identify any gaping gaps.
  • Look into emerging technologies that can provide additional protection.
  • Employ multi-layer security strategies to stem out any risks.

Plus, teams must be prepared to act quickly and make decisions swiftly when it comes to addressing black swan events. This can prevent the situation from becoming overly chaotic and the damage from being far greater.

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One Last Note

Remember, cyber threats never rest and the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. It’s important to stay on top of the latest news, trends and black swan events that could shape the future of cybersecurity in a big way.

That way, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way – no matter how unexpected it may be!

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