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Samsung’s entry model Galaxy S23 could feature slower storage

An entry model fit for a king – the new Samsung Galaxy S23

It’s official – Samsung is launching a new phone, and this time it’s their entry-level model – the Samsung Galaxy S23! In a bid to make their newest phone affordable without compromising features and performance, Samsung have decided to equip the S23 with a MUCH slower storage solution.

If that sounded like an oxymoron, fear not – here’s what’s really going on with Samsung’s latest and greatest entry-level phone!

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Lightning-Fast Performance

Samsung have decided to equip the Galaxy S23 with a slower storage solution in the form of a microSD card. While you may be thinking “That sounds like a bad idea!”, it actually translates to lightning-fast performance for the S23.

Once the microSD card is inserted, all files, apps, and data will be stored directly on the card, allowing for blistering speeds since the microSD card’s read/write speeds are several times faster than what you’ll find on conventional internal storage.

The Downsides

Of course, there are a few downsides to using a microSD card on the S23. Firstly, it’s a much slower storage solution than conventional internal storage, so anything installed directly on the card will be slower to open and close than apps installed on internal storage.

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Also, users will have to be mindful when installing apps as the amount of storage space on the S23’s microSD card is limited. This means, if you’re a fan of shooting photos and videos, you won’t be able to store nearly as much as you would on a phone with larger internal storage.

A Solid Choice

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is a solid choice for users who want an affordable phone with fast performance. It’s lightning-fast microSD card storage solution makes it a great pick for people who require great performance on a budget.

Just remember, don’t go overboard with the photo and video shooting – or you may run out of storage space!


  • Pros: Fast performance thanks to the microSD card storage solution; wallet-friendly;
  • Cons: Slower performance than internal storage; limited storage space.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S23 looks like a solid entry-level phone solution! So, if you’re in the market for a cheap but powerful phone, you can’t go wrong with the S23.

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