Home Technology Sennheiser Ambeo Plus review: Convincing virtual surround sound

Sennheiser Ambeo Plus review: Convincing virtual surround sound

Sennheiser Ambeo Plus Review: Virtual Surround is Now a Real Reality

If you’re in the market for top-notch home cinema sound, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything better than the Sennheiser Ambeo Plus. This powerful device offers convincing virtual surround sound that is so good you’ll think you’re sitting in the middle of the action!

The Pros

  • Breathtaking sound: You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action with amazing sound that gives you an immersive experience like no other.
  • Ambient Noise Reduction: With mini microphones on board, the Ambeo Plus eliminates background noise and focuses on the audio you want to listen to.
  • Room Calibration: Let the Ambeo Plus calculate the best sound settings for your comfortable listening experience.
  • Portable: Superbly light and compact, the Ambeo Plus is designed for transportation, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Cons

  • Price tag: It’s not cheap, but then again you get what you pay for. You could buy three mid-range sound systems combined and still not get the same quality.
  • Exness Copy trading
  • Setup: Setting up all the components and wiring isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Your living room may look like the site of an alien invasion while the Ambeo Plus is setup, but it’s totally worth it!

Our Verdict

The Sennheiser Ambeo Plus is a superb home cinema sound device that offers breathtakingly realistic sound. Pricey, yes, but for those who value great audio quality and truly immersive music, it’s well worth the cost. So go ahead, take the plunge and let your living room become the centre of your own virtual surround sound universe!

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