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AI success is being limited by poor digital transformation

It’s Hard To Look Good When You Haven’t Dressed For the Part

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really hot right now. Everyone’s trying to get in on the game, from tech wizards to boardroom executives. But AI success is being limited by an age-old problem: poor digital transformation. Struggling with irrelevant tech, absence of data and outlying governance can really make a person feel like a fish out of water – or an AI out of its element.

The AI Dream That Daydreams Away

It’s not that AI can’t do its job – it can. But lack of proper digital transformation can obscure its capabilities. AI relies on data to support decision-making. But when data silos and legacy processes leftovers make up the bulk of business landscapes, AI can do little but wish and wonder. Then there’s the issue of governance – what if the data is sprawled across multiple departments, or worse, scattered across multiple clouds? This can make it near impossible to manage and secure.

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Time To Suit Up

There’s only one way through these roadblocks: digital transformation. A clear and comprehensive plan to link data, ensure data security, improve process efficiency and automate operations can help to make the most of AI capabilities. Here are 4 key steps to successful digital transformation:

  • Create a clear and comprehensive transformation plan
  • Define measurable objectives that link to desired results
  • Implement and manage new tools and processes
  • Regularly review performance and fine-tune processes as needed

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

Time to get digital transformation done. Let’s just hope that our AI friend out there is wearing the same outfit as us. Digital transformation will help drive successful AI applications and make them look like a million dollars. Who knows, with the right clothes on, the AI dream might just prove to be a reality after all.

Because looking good never goes out of style.

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