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Apple’s Crash Detection feature makes false emergency calls in Japanese Alps

Uh oh… Apple’s Emergency Calls Feature Goes Rogue in the Japanese Alps!

You’ve heard of phones malfunctioning and possibly randomly calling people – but what happens when they call the police? That’s the dilemma Apple users in Japan faced when their phones suddenly and unannounced started crying out for help!

It appears Apple’s ‘Crash Detection’ feature, which communicates with the emergency services when a car accident is detected, had a mind of its own in the Japanese Alps. Unsurprisingly, this caused massive confusion and embarrassment to those unfortunate souls who got the wrong end of the stick.

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The panic all started when the phones in the area began informing Apple customers a crash had been detected and they needed to respond to the emergency services. Needless to say, this caused a lot of shock. Those who were called were unsure how to even respond since they were not, in fact, in any car accidents.

As you can imagine, the police also weren’t too impressed when they were repeatedly bombarded with these false alarms. It’s almost like having 911 pranked!

The Bright Side

Thankfully, this rogue technical error was short-lived and an apology from Apple has been issued. Plus, it’s a reminder to the rest of us to double-check our devices and check for software updates!

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Here’s what to do if your phone is freaking out:

  • Check for iOS Updates – Make sure your phone is up to date with the latest software version.
  • Turn the Feature Off – If you don’t feel comfortable with Crash Detection turned on, you can easily disable it in your settings.
  • Reach Out to Apple Support – If you’re still having issues, then contact Apple Support to see if they can help you out.

At any rate, this is a friendly reminder to always check your device and stay updated . We don’t want any more false alarms randomly calling the emergency services! And if you ever find yourself in a painful situation in the Japanese alps, there’s no need to fear – just make sure you look down at your phone and make sure it hasn’t done something stupid.

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