Home Technology Bowers & Wilkins announces Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 in-ear headphones

Bowers & Wilkins announces Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 in-ear headphones

Bowers and Wilkins Make their Mark with their New In-Ear Pieces

If you are a fan of Bowers & Wilkins audio products then you’re in for a treat. The UK-based manufacturer has just announced the launch of their two new in-ear headphones: the Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2.

An Audiophile’s Perspective

At first glance, the Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 headphones would seem like your standard pair of buds. But, when you take a closer look, you realise that audiophiles everywhere are swooning over this new addition to their audio collections.

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The Pi7 S2 contains the USB-C powered Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) along with an upgraded 7mm drive. The sound result is truly unique. While the drivers provide stellar audio quality, the ANC helps to make sure you’re really in your own world.

The Pi5 S2 is no slouch either. It may not have the features of the Pi7 S2, but it does come with three different sound profiles. So, you can tailor the sound to whatever type of music you’re listening to.

Too Cool for School!

Both the Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 headphones are truly a sight to behold. Whether you’re rocking out to the tunes of your favorite band or listening to the calming sounds of nature, these headphones will have you feeling like you’re in your own world.

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And if you’re looking to make a fashion statement in addition to feeling like a million bucks, then you have picked the right pair. Bowers & Wilkins also made sure to give the headphones some street cred. With distinct geometric shapes, vibrant colors and a sleek black colorway; these headphones will have folks heading your way.


  • Pi7 S2: Adaptive Noise Cancellation, 7mm drivers
  • Pi5 S2: Three different sound profiles

In Conclusion

The Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 and Pi5 S2 headphones are here to prove that sound quality, style and comfort can co-exist! Whether you’re new to the audio world or you’re a seasoned veteran; these pieces will be sure to jazz up your life.

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