Ford recalls 462,000 SUVs over rearview camera issue



Ford has some Seeing Issues!

We may have all seen strange things in our rearview mirrors, but apparently Ford has seen a recall! As of Wednesday, 462,000 of Ford’s SUVs have been recalled due to a rearview camera issue.

Who’s Affected

The recall affects Ford Edge SUVs from the 2015-2018 model year, and Lincoln MKX SUVs from the 2016-2018 model year. It looks like these cars will be in for a bit of a checkup!

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Why the Recall?

It seems like the rearview camera display in these cars may be distorted or not even work, and this could be a danger to you and other drivers on the road. Of course, everyone wants the best view they can get!

What Owners Should Do

Ford is going to take care of the problem once it’s confirmed that one of these models is affected. Here’s what they suggest owners do:

  • No Worries! Ford insists that the display issue poses no safety concerns, so there’s no need to worry.
  • Check for Notifications: Ford will send notifications when the recall is officially launched, and owners should wait for those.
  • Get it fixed: Once approved, the repairs will be done at the dealership and the repair should take about 60 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Remember, it’s never a bad idea to pay attention to safety recalls for your vehicle. If Ford ever gives you a signal that there’s something wrong, then make sure to call a tow truck and check it out!

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