Home Technology Former Twitter employees sitting on abandoned company laptops: report

Former Twitter employees sitting on abandoned company laptops: report

Employees Sitting On Former Company Laptops? That’s Certainly Not Ideal!

Reports have come in that former Twitter employees are, at this moment, likely sitting on the company’s old laptops, abandoned in the office. That’s right, those pieces of tech we all hate to lug around, but oh so love to use, are being used by those that just left their old employer, Twitter.

This raises a number of questions and concerns, mainly: why haven’t these laptops been properly disposed of? It’s not like Twitter is really lacking in ways to be rid of expired tech.

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Crunching the Numbers

Based on the report, it seems that over 50% of these laptops have been abandoned in the former Twitter offices. That’s a substantial amount of tech-junk, and it says a lot about the corporate culture of the now-former employer.

The next statistic is perhaps even more alarming than the first: of those 50% of laptops that were abandoned, roughly 30% of them are still powered on. That’s right, a sizeable portion of these laptops are still on and being used by those that no longer work at Twitter.

The Unexpected Silver Lining

While all of this would appear to be really, really bad news for Twitter, all is not lost if it means that former employees are getting some use out of the tech that was left behind. Here are some unexpected advantages to this surprising situation:

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  • Exposure to new trends. With access to the former company’s tech, former employees get an up close look at the tech they used while employed at the company. This helps them stay up to date on the latest trends in the tech industry, giving them the upper hand against the competition.
  • Keeping costs low. Instead of buying new laptops, former employees can make use of the tech they already worked with while at Twitter. This makes them more cost proficient and allows them to further stretch their budgets.
  • Opportunity for creativity. With access to a company’s tech, former employees get the chance to repurpose and innovate with these aged laptops. For those looking to get their entrepreneurial juices flowing, this could be a great opportunity to do so without having to invest in new tech.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it, former Twitter employees are getting another use for the company’s abandoned laptops. While this report sheds light on an admittedly concerning issue, it also creates an unexpected silver lining, which should provide some much-needed infectious optimism.

After all, the tech-junk doesn’t have to be a total loss if it means former employees are taking the opportunity to use it in inventive ways. Who knows? Maybe one of these abandoned laptops will change the world – one innovative idea at a time.

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