Home Technology Hitting the Books: High school students have spent a decade fighting Baltimore’s toxic legacy

Hitting the Books: High school students have spent a decade fighting Baltimore’s toxic legacy

Hitting the Books to Tackle Baltimore’s Toxic Legacy

High school students in Baltimore have been on the front lines of taking on some of their city’s most serious challenges for more than a decade. It takes a special kind of courage for kids to arm themselves with textbooks and writing utensils – and wade into the depths of battling the environmental issues caused by a not-so-pretty past.

Teenage Environmental Crusaders

When it comes to environmental causes, Baltimore high school students have definitely earned their stripes by trying to make a difference over the past 10 years. Their work has had a direct impact on the city and has helped to set an example for other communities dealing with similar issues.

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Here’s a brief overview of some of the accomplishments that these incredible students have made:

  • Conserving the Bay: High school students in Baltimore worked with the National Aquarium and local businesses to protect the Chesapeake Bay by participating in water quality testing as well as maintaining and restoring local marshes.
  • Bringing Awareness to Environmental Injustices: They have also been instrumental in bringing awareness to the environmental injustices experienced by urban communities, including those related to air quality, water pollution, and sewage treatment.
  • Creating Green Spaces: These brave teens have also been quite successful in creating green spaces throughout the city. Such spaces provide benefits to both people and the environment, and their efforts have made a measurable impact.

The Unexpected Benefit of Environmental Advocacy

Perhaps the biggest surprise for Baltimore high school students in their environmental activism is the resurgence of civic pride that has resulted. As these young warriors have been putting in the hard work of keeping their city clean, they’ve inspired a generation of people to take more ownership of their hometown.

In a strange way, their dedication to the environment has been a catalyst for the renewal of Baltimore’s spirit!

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A Legacy of Hope

Over the past decade, Baltimore high school students have truly set an example for the rest of the country by making a difference in their own community. The tireless efforts of these brave teens have helped to shift the landscape of the city and have served as a reminder to us all that one person – even if they’re just a kid – can make a huge difference.

Let’s hope the next generation of environmental crusaders follows in their footsteps and continues their legacy of hope!

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