Home Technology Internet Archive’s calculator emulators offer a nostalgic trip back to high school math class

Internet Archive’s calculator emulators offer a nostalgic trip back to high school math class

Calculating your way back to the good old days

Remember those days when the most cutting-edge technology of the day was a calculator? If you miss those times, don’t worry – the Internet Archive has got your back!

In a nostalgic nod to the halcyon days of high school math class, this amazing online repository offers access to emulator programs of truly vintage calculators. With the help of these amazing tools, you can steam back to yesteryear and experience the thrill of calculations the way you or your parents did!

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Take a look at the collection

Here are some of the beauties you can access in the collection:

  • Texas Instruments Science Calculator (TI-30) – This was the go-to tool for nerdy kids and teachers in the late 80s.
  • The Casio FX-602P Programmable Pocket Computer – If you miss the thrill of a little pocket computer, this emulator will bring it right back!
  • The Sharp EL-8 Mark II Calculator – These calculators had cool graphics and the internet archives has the emulator to prove it!

Let’s get technical

Of course, if you don’t just want to relive the good old days, there are more serious uses for these digital replicas. These emulators are used to test a variety of calculators and digital devices. They can also be useful in the study of historical digital artifacts, making them invaluable tools for digital archaeologists.

Come along for the ride

So if you want to relive your best old days, or want to get a little deeper and explore the historical tools of computing, why not check out the calculator emulators offered by the Internet Archive? Who knows, you may even discover something entirely new while you’re there!

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