Home Technology Marshall’s Middleton Bluetooth speaker is the company’s new weatherproof flagship

Marshall’s Middleton Bluetooth speaker is the company’s new weatherproof flagship

Marshall’s Middleton Bluetooth Speaker is their One-of-a-Kind Weatherproof Flagship

The 21st Century Answer to Your Outdoor Audio Problems Has Finally Arrived!

If you’re looking to stay with the same cool and retro vibes while you jam outdoors, then Marshall’s Middleton is your ultimate answer! This weatherproof Bluetooth speaker is the first of its kind by Marshall and is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes at a backyard barbecue or playing on the beach, you don’t have to worry about the weather disrupting your music vibe. With Middleton’s weatherproof build, you can simply keep movin’ and groovin’ no matter the conditions!

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Keep scrolling to learn more about Marshall’s one-of-a-kind weatherproof flagship:

  • For Those Who Prefer Retro Vibes Over Hi-Tech Features: Middleton offers the classic retro design that Marshall is known and loved for alongside its latest weatherproof features. Its classic and charming look will be the perfect addition to your home or car.
  • A Variety of Connectivity Options for Every Type of Listeners: You can either connect to Middleton via its Bluetooth feature or traditional AUX cord depending on what suits you best.
  • The Outdoor Jam That Keeps On Going: With its waterproof (up to 3 ft!) and dustproof capability, rainy or sunny days no longer have to disrupt your outdoor listening experience.
  • Surprisingly Loud in a Small Package: Don’t let Middleton’s small size fool you! Despite its compact size, it still packs a loud, high-quality and powerful sound – perfect for any outdoor shindig.
  • Not Only a Showpiece, But a Conversation Starter: Middleton not only looks cool, but your friends will love asking you about it. Plus, it’s definitely the only weatherproof speaker you know – advertising your unique and ahead-of-the-game music taste.

Marshall’s Middleton Bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to liven up your outdoor music experience. Whether you’re chilling in your backyard or making a splash at the beach, this weatherproof flagship keeps your soundtrack streamin’ away from any weather woes. Get ready to amp up your outdoor music jam like never before with Middleton by Marshall!

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