Home Technology Minister Champagne wants Rogers, Québecor to commit to wireless affordability: Globe and Mail

Minister Champagne wants Rogers, Québecor to commit to wireless affordability: Globe and Mail

Rogers, Québecor Must Heed Minister Champagne’s Call for Wireless Affordability: Globe and Mail

The globetrotting, globe-trotting Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne, is making a plea to the top telecommunications providers in Canada. Specifically, he wants to see Rogers and Québecor commit to making wireless plans more affordable.

According to the Globe and Mail, the Minister is asking the companies to consider what steps they can take which “can help bring down the costs of Canadian cellphone plans, which are among the highest in the world and have been the source of consumer frustration for years.”

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What Changes Could Be Made?

He’s not asking for any specific changes, rather he’s calling on Rogers and Québecor to come up with ways they can make their plans more affordable. However, opinions from industry analysts have been put forth, and here are some of the ideas floating around:

  • Lower prices in exchange for longer contracts: Many carriers offer discounts for plans you commit to for two years or more, but perhaps there are other ways this could be done.
  • Increase competition: There’s no doubt that competition is good for customers, and the Minister would like to see more players enter the market.
  • Wireless bundles: Bundling wireless services with other products customers are already purchasing could help drive down costs.
  • Encourage consumers to switch carriers: This could help force companies to keep their prices competitive.

Will Rogers and Québecor Listen?

Will Rogers and Québecor heed the Minister’s plea to make wireless affordability a reality? We can only wait and see, but Minister Champagne is probably hoping that they don’t “drop the ball” on this one. (…but if they do he’ll probably be too busy globetrotting to really notice anyways, right?)

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