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Why enterprises trust hardware-based security over quantum computing

Why Enterprises Are Better Off With Hardware Based Security Than With Quantum Computing

As exciting and revolutionary as quantum computing is, it has a ways to go before it can become the standard for enterprise security. Everyone sure does love an upgrade, but when it comes to safeguarding our data and information, hardware-based security remains the way to go. Let’s discuss why.

Quantum Computing Is Still In Development

Quantum computing is a newer technology, one that is still in its early stages. Anyone looking for state-of-the-art, enterprise-level security in the near future won’t find what they’re looking for in quantum computing. It’s just not ready yet.

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Hardware Security Uses Encryption and Is Easily Manageable

Hardware-based security relies on encryption to keep information secure. Encryption has been in use for a long time, and any security protection based on it is dependable, as encryption is not easily broken. Furthermore, hardware-based security is easily manageable and provides a higher level of control for administrators.

Quantum Computing Is Still Unknown

To put it simply, we just don’t know enough yet about the potential of quantum computing to be able to trust it in providing the necessary security measures for businesses. Who knows what sort of vulnerabilities and security issues await us? We’d rather be safe than sorry, thank you very much.

Hardware Security Has Other Benefits

Hardware-based security offers other benefits to enterprises, particularly, affordability and scalability. Investing in encryption solutions is much cheaper and more scalable than quantum computing solutions.

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So, Yeah, Hardware Security FTW!

Let’s be real here: there’s no way quantum computing will ever replace the tried and true hardware-based security that we’ve favored for so long. So for any enterprise looking for advanced forms of data protection, our advice is: stick to the basics! Hardware security is here to stay.

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