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Company Culture: The Key to Attracting Today’s Tech Talent

Sticking it to the Man (And Making Money With It)

Are you looking to attract top tech talent? Your company culture may be more important than your stock options. With more millennials joining the workforce it’s crucial to create an environment that allows techies to thrive. Here’s how to create a culture that will make the best and brightest want to stick around.

Choose Wisely

You know the saying, “you are what you eat”? Well, the same goes for company culture. Be mindful when bringing people into your organization. Establishing a diverse culture that embraces different backgrounds, experiences and ideas will set the tone for innovation.

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Don’t be boring

Name one thing techies don’t like? Boring. To remain competitive and retain top talent your workplace needs to be anything but dull. No need to plan a visit from Ron Burgundy, though. Some simple ideas to make your workplace more engaging include:

  • Host Workshops: Give techies an opportunity to share and build on ideas with interactive workshops. Let them flex those problem solving muscles!
  • Activities: Set aside some time each week for team activities. Even tech-minded folks need to unwind (or flex those gaming skills).
  • Cool Perks: Think free snacks, flexible hours and maybe even an in-office climbing wall. Everyone loves free grub!

Fueling Creativity

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the parties and perks. It’s about creating an environment that encourages creative thought. Foster a collaborative culture where techies feel safe to share ideas and solutions. Give them the space (literally) to create and collaborate without worry of overstepping boundaries.

The Bottom Line

Your company culture will determine whether you attract — and retain — the type of tech talent to make your business successful. Taking some time to create a workplace that is diverse, engaging and creative will make all the difference.

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So don’t be afraid to stick it to the man. Attract top tech talent with a killer company culture!

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