Home Technology Google’s experimental ChatGPT rivals include a search bot and a tool called ‘Apprentice Bard’

Google’s experimental ChatGPT rivals include a search bot and a tool called ‘Apprentice Bard’

Google’s ChatBots are for More than Just Chatting

Who knew that Google was working on a tool to rival their traditional search bot? It turns out they have plenty of new experimental ChatGPTs (Chat-Generated Prompt Text) and one of the most exciting ones to keep an eye out for is called “Apprentice Bard!”

What’s the Purpose of This Bot?

This bot from Google is meant to help bring out the creative and humorous side of the users. Sounds like a fun way to pass the time, right? The way it works is that it takes input from the user, evaluates it, and then responds with something inspired by the input.

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What Can This Bot Do?

This bot is designed to create humorous responses and stories. In a sense, it showcases how artificial intelligence can be used to entertain, inspire and bring joy to users. It can also do things like:

  • Create jokes – Got a silly situation? Apprentice Bard is the one to turn to for a joke!
  • Create stories – This bot can whip up fantastical tales in a flash.
  • Tell you jokes – Sure, you can generate jokes of your own. Or you can get the bot to tell you some!

Does This Bot Have Its Limitations?

Like all bots, the Apprentice Bard has its limitations. Despite its impressive capabilities, this bot is still just an experiment. It can only generate so many jokes, stories, and so on. Also, remember that its primary purpose is to create humorous and whimsical responses, so it won’t answer any serious questions.

Give it a Try!

If you’re looking for a new way to pass the time and get creative, you should give the Apprentice Bard a try! It might actually end up being quite fun and entertaining, who knows? Try it out, and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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