Home Technology Halo series development is reportedly ‘starting from scratch’

Halo series development is reportedly ‘starting from scratch’

Halo: Reinventing the Wheel yet Again

In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the development team behind the leading shooter series Halo are starting from the very beginning with the latest installment in the long-running series.

So What Exactly Does “Starting From Scratch” Mean?

The term ‘starting from scratch’ usually means a few different things, but when applied to game development it generally implies the team are going to go back to basics and rebuild the game from the ground up instead of taking the existing codebase and adding to it. Put simply, it’s going to be reinventing the wheel rather than fine-tuning the old one.

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Thoughts on a Fresh Halo

Now we’ve cleared up the terminology, on to the nitty-gritty — what does starting the Halo series from scratch actually mean for long-time fans of the series? Certainly, with such a radical goal in mind, we can expect Halo to look and play differently to what’s come before, and we’re already getting excited at the prospect of picking up the controller to play something completely unfamiliar — yet completely familiar at the same time.

The Prospects for Reinvented Halo

The prospect of a brand-new Halo adventure awaits, and it’s safe to say most fans are actually rather enthused about the news. After all, the series has kept to a largely similar shape since the very first game, so why not shake things up a little and experience something completely new?

Here are some of the things that fans are most looking forward to with a ‘from scratch’ Halo entry:

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  • An Unprecedented Level of Customization: No longer limited to the existing core game mechanics, the new Halo could potentially incorporate brand-new features such as customizable characters and weapons, creating an infinitely more personalized experience.
  • A Bigger and Better Story: Now that the team is freed up to create something completely original, we’re expecting the storyline to be bigger, better and more immersive than ever before — something the series desperately needs after its recent lackluster entries.
  • Battle in a Brand New Universe: For the first time ever, Halo could take players to an entirely new universe, with unique locations to explore, characters to discover and enemies to battle. Even better, the game could be open world unlike any other Halo before it.

To conclude, we’re super excited to see what the team behind Halo come up with this time around — we could be in for a real treat when the game eventually releases. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh start?

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