Home Technology LG’s 2023 17-inch Grams feature Nvidia’s RTX3050 GPU

LG’s 2023 17-inch Grams feature Nvidia’s RTX3050 GPU

LG’s 17-Inch Grams Gets RTX3050 Upgrade For 2023

LG’s tiny 17-inch Grams have been a hit ever since they were first released back in 2021. But the joke’s on all the haters, ’cause the newest Grams from 2023 are gonna be the best yet – ’cause they’re gettin’ an RTX3050 upgrade.

Slim, Trim and RTX-ready

The Grams are LG’s answer to the space-age ultraportable laptops that are all the rage for tech-savvy millennials. They’re designed to be lightweight and portable, but still powerful enough for everyday tasks like browsing the web and watching Netflix. And now, that power’s been ramped up even more thanks the addition of the new RTX3050 GPU.

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What Can The RTX3050 Do?

The RTX3050 makes this little laptop capable of a whole lot more. Instead of just watching movies and checking your emails, you’ll be able to do some serious gaming. You won’t be limited to the most basic games, either – you’ll even be able to play some of the more intense titles in full HD resolution.

Plus, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even do some serious content-creation, like 3D-modeling and editing, using the RTX3050. Gone are the days of having to lug around a giant laptop just to do some pro-grade work – the Grams have got you covered.

What Else Does the Grams Have?

Aside from the RTX3050, the Grams come packed with some neat features. These include:

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  • 256GB SSD Storage – Getting full-speed storage in such a small laptop is rare, but it makes the Grams perfect for everyday tasks.
  • 10 Hours Of Battery Life – The Grams come with a huge battery that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge, great for those long trips.
  • Modern Connectivity – You’ll get USB-C ports, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth 5.0 on all Grams, perfect for plugging in your modern accessories and connecting to the internet.
    • The Wrap-Up

      If you’re looking for a powerful, portable and affordable laptop, then look no further than the new 2023 Grams from LG. With the addition of the RTX3050, you’re getting a laptop that can do it all – and do it with style. Don’t fall for the haters and the doubters – these tiny laptops are anything but tiny on the inside.

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