Home Technology Netflix brings spatial audio to hundreds more titles, but only for Premium subscribers

Netflix brings spatial audio to hundreds more titles, but only for Premium subscribers

Netflix Throws Sub-Par Subscribers a Bone with Spatial Audio

Netflix is finally answering the cries of its broke-as-heck subscribers: spatial audio is now available on hundreds of more titles, but only for its Premium subscribers.

Yes, for better or for worse, the streaming giant is rolling out its much-hyped spatial audio technology for those forking out for the more expensive subscription levels. Meaning that folks who can’t even afford two weekend movie tickets will miss out on the new sound experience.

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Good News for Those Who Can Actually Afford It

Premium subscribers can now get access to spatial audio on a range of movies and TV shows, bringing a new level of depth and immersive sound. The benefits include:

  • More distinct audio channels in the mix, resulting in realistic 3D sound placement.
  • A wider soundscape, including dynamic scale and depth.

So if you’re already paying $189 a year for the Premium subscription, add spatial audio to the list of benefits. Heck yes!

Bad News for Poor Folks

Sadly, if you’re stuck with just the Basic subscription plan, no amount of sob stories is going to change the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy this new auditory experience. A harsh reality, but hey – Netflix ain’t gonna cry itself to sleep over it.

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Bottom Line

The good news is that those of you with a Premium subscription can now enjoy spatial audio on hundreds of more titles. So enjoy the added audio depth and immersive sound – that’s worth something, right?

The bad news is that there’s still a large portion of Netflix subscribers out there who won’t be able to enjoy this new feature. You know who you are. Maybe it’s time to look into that joint Premium subscription with your friends?

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