Home Technology Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra vs. the competition: All about those cameras

Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra vs. the competition: All about those cameras

Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra vs. the Competition: All About Those Cameras

Have you caught wind of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series yet? These phones are packing some serious camera technology, so if you’re in the market for a smartphone with a next-level snapper, they are definitely worth a look. Let’s dive in and see how the S23’s cameras stand out from the competition.


It wouldn’t be a Samsung phone without some show-stopping design, and the S23 is no exception. The camera lenses on the phones have a unique hexagonal pattern and LED flash around it, making it one of the boldest camera designs on the market. Plus, the ultra-glossy finish and metal casing of the S23 lineup make it stand out from other phones.

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Camera Quality

The S23 series cameras snap impressive photos, no matter the conditions! The main rear camera is a 64MP Quad-Camera lens that captures high-resolution shots with beautiful color reproduction. Plus, you also get a 12MP Ultra-Wide, 10MP Portrait, and a 5MP Microscope camera. With that much firepower, you’re guaranteed high-quality images, whether you’re taking pro-style close-ups or just snapping a good-lookin’ selfie.

The Competition

The S23 series has some stiff competition – eg. iPhones, Google Pixels and more. While their camera tech is also impressive, here’s where the S23 series trumps them all:

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  • Improved low-light performance: The S23 phones come with larger, more sensitive sensors, which means better low-light performance. So no matter if you’re trying to get those late-night shots or just want to capture those beautiful sunsets, you’ll get flawless images with the S23.
  • Smoother stabilization: The S23 series boasts up to 3-axis OIS for video recording, meaning you’ll get ultra-smooth-looking footage with virtually no camera shake. And you can also record 8K footage now (if you have the Ultra model), so you can capture big-time moments.
  • Superior software features: With the new S23 series you can get features like a Real-Time Depth of Field mode, which allows you to blur the background to give your photos a DSLR-style bokeh effect. Plus, you can snap ultra-clear macro and hyper-macro shots with their 5MP Microscope camera.

The S23 series is certainly turning heads with its impressive camera tech, and if you’re looking for a top-notch phone camera, this might just be the phone for you!

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