Apple Arcade’s February titles include Castle Crumble and Farmside



Apple Arcade Letting You Get Your Farm On and Crumble Castles

February just got a whole lot more exciting with Apple Arcade, as they’ve just announced two amazing new titles: Castle Crumble and Farmside.

Castle Crumble

Get your medieval on with Castle Crumble! This strategy-based game has you battling enemies, gathering resources, and building your own castle. To defeat your enemies and expand your castle, you need to think on your feet and make smart decisions. Plus, you can customize how your castle looks and invite your friends along for the ride. With striking graphics and a truly immersive experience, this game is one to watch.

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It’s time to get your hands dirty, as Apple Arcade sets you up on the farm with Farmside. This laid-back title has you counting your ducks, harvesting hay, and sorting seeds, as you get your farm in tip-top shape. Choose different crops to grow and create a personalized space. As you swap, sell, buy and build, you’ll even get to explore the surrounding countryside. Perfect for all the budding farmers out there!

Fantastic Fun with Apple Arcade

These two exciting games have been unleashed onto Apple Arcade, and they are sure to bring a whole lot of fun. Whether you choose to build up a castle or hoe the farm, you’ll have hours of entertainment and adventure. Time to get creative and take your pick!

What are you waiting for? Check out Castle Crumble and Farmside now!

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