Home Technology Apps may have collected location data from Apple users without approval

Apps may have collected location data from Apple users without approval

Apps Could Be Tracking You With Or Without Your Knowledge!

Hey everyone! It turns out those app things on your phone may be tracking your location data – and you don’t even have to approve it!

It looks like Apple developers have been letting certain apps use the iPhone’s location data without notifying the phone user. Say whaaaaat?! Yup, those apps can be secretly collecting your movements.

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The Scoop

So here’s how it works: Developers place something called a background location marker in their app that allows it to disregard Apple’s usual prompt asking permission to track your location. It also means that users don’t know when their app has been updated with new background marker software.

It’s not all bad though. This type of data collection can be useful for apps that are location-dependent and require frequent user data updates. Unfortunately, it also means that your privacy rights may have been compromised. Double whaaaaat?!

What’s Being Done To Protect Our Privacy?

Apple is now making it mandatory for developers to explain in clear language what your location data will be used for in their app. In addition, they’ve come up with more stringent rules for when apps can use location data in the background.

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In other words, if an app wants to track your location in the background without your approval, it has to meet certain criteria. The criteria includes apps that use location services for search functions, ride-hailing, and security features like Find My Phone.

What Can You Do Now To Protect Your Location Data?

If you want to protect your data, your best bet is to:

  • Update your iPhone to the latest version – This will make sure that you benefit from the improved location privacy settings that Apple has put in place.
  • Read the privacy policy – Pay close attention to what type of data each app is collecting.
  • Turn off location services – For apps that don’t need to track your location, you can simply turn off their location services.

Well, that wraps up today’s lesson in location data. Hopefully, you now realize that your location data could be up for grabs without you even knowing it. So take the steps above to ensure your privacy is respected!

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