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EA reportedly canceled an unannounced single-player Titanfall game

What Could Have Been?

We recently heard the news that EA had reportedly canceled an unannounced single-player Titanfall game. This news saddened us all, as we were so looking forward to what could have been a really exciting addition to the Titanfall series.

So, what could this Titanfall game have been? Maybe it would have taken us to all-new areas of space, filled with untold wonders and hordes of terrifying aliens that we would have had to battle. Or perhaps it would have expanded the story of BT-7274, everyone’s favorite tough but lovable robot companion?

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Alas, we will never know. But in a way, maybe it’s for the best. Without the pressure of fixing and improving elements from a previous game, the developers would have had free reign to come up with something truly unique and special. Like an alien-infested world with more colors than a rainbow, or a love story between two cybernetic organisms that spans centuries.

But of course, that may all just be wishful thinking on our part. So, all we can do is look back at the Titanfall series and wonder what might have been.

What We Do Know

There are still plenty of things we do know about the Titanfall series, despite the cancellation of this game. For one thing,
we know that:

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  • Titans are bad-ass.
  • Pilot combat is the best way to take down enemy Titans.
  • Wall-running is not just for show; it’s an important tactical tool.
  • The sword-only Last Titan Standing mode is a recipe for crazy carnage.

So even if a single-player Titanfall game won’t be happening, we can still look forward to more of this awesome multiplayer flying robot battle mayhem! And the possibilities are limitless! We can only wait and see what EA comes up with next.

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