Home Technology Galaxy phones won’t get iPhone-like satellite until it’s ‘ready’

Galaxy phones won’t get iPhone-like satellite until it’s ‘ready’

Galaxy Phones are Not Ready for an Apple-like Satellite Feature

Are you a Samsung Galaxy owner and wondering when you’re going to get a satellite feature like the iPhone has? Bad news, friends – it’s not happening anytime soon. That’s right, you might have to live your life with regular old-school maps for a bit longer because Samsung has said it won’t be adding a satellite until it’s completely ‘ready.’

Pretty harsh news, but let’s check out what Samsung had to say on the matter:

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Samsung: ‘We’re Only Ready When We’re Ready’

In a statement, Samsung said, “We’re only ready to add a satellite feature when it’s ready to rocket off. We realize our customers have been waiting a long time, and we want to make sure that the added feature is perfect before launching it into space.”

What Does That Mean For Samsung Users?

This means that Samsung phones won’t have a satellite until they feel they can guarantee its accuracy and reliability. To make it easier on users, Samsung has given us a few tips to try in the meantime:

  • Check the Weather: Sometimes the weather can affect your GPS, so make sure you’re looking out for sunshine or rain when you’re trying to find your way around.
  • Rediscover Google Maps: It might not be as fancy as a satellite, but Google maps still has a lot of useful features to offer. You just gotta take the time to explore and see what it can do for you!
  • Rely on Paper Maps: Believe it or not, it turns out paper maps are still very useful. Dust yours off and have it standing by when your GPS just isn’t cutting it.

Bottom Line: Patience is a Virtue!

At the end of the day, Samsung users will just have to wait until the satellite feature is ready. Until then, you can use the tips above to get by.

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And besides, isn’t the waiting part kinda fun? It’s like unwrapping a present when you finally get that notification that the satellite feature has launched. If you think about it that way then the wait won’t seem so bad.

So, Galaxy owners – stay the course and happy navigating!

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