Home Technology Meta reports Q4 operating loss of $4.279B for its metaverse division

Meta reports Q4 operating loss of $4.279B for its metaverse division

Meta reports record operating losses of $4.279B for its metaverse division

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for Meta, the tech giant has reported a new record operating loss for the fourth quarter of 2019. The company’s Metaverse Division reported a staggering $4.279 billion loss for the period.

Where did all that money go?

It’s likely a combination of factors that contributed to this staggering hit to Meta’s bottom line. Here are just some of the places that the money may have gone:

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  • virtual car customization: who wouldn’t want to customize their own virtual car with neon lights and sweet rims?
  • laser tag arenas: this one may have been particularly costly, as the virtual laser tag arenas require a lot of infrastructure
  • pet store for virtual creatures: buying, nurturing and pampering virtual creatures ain’t cheap
  • giant castle needed for end of season finale:Metaverse’s hit show ‘Game of Bots’ goes all out for its finale, which this season featured a massive virtual castle and a cast of thousands (not all human, of course).

Is it too late to recoup the losses?

Meta is certainly in a tight spot. It’s going to take some drastic action to get back on track. Maybe they should start by selling off some of the virtual pet stores and laser tag arenas?

Or, if the company is feeling particularly bold, they could hatch a cunning plan to make use of the giant virtual castle from the finale of ‘Game of Bots’. Maybe this could be turned into a lucrative virtual real estate venture?

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It’s safe to say that Meta has its work cut out for itself. It won’t be easy, but with a little bit of outside-the-box thinking and a lot of hard work, there’s a chance that the company can turn this into an opportunity.

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