Home Technology Red Hat gives an ARM up to OpenShift Kubernetes operations

Red Hat gives an ARM up to OpenShift Kubernetes operations

Red Hat Giving OpenShift Kubernetes a Rising ARM

OpenShift Kubernetes is getting a well-deserved break through the red hat! The tech giant recently announced it would be expanding its OpenShift operations to include support for the ARM architecture. Starting with OpenShift 4.6, the platform will officially be available on ARM-powered infrastructures.

ARM Yourself for the Occasion

If you haven’t heard about ARM before, then buckle up! It’s a powerful processor architecture that’s been deployed in almost all electronic pricing points, from elite computing ( smartphones, tablets, smartwatches ) to low-power computing ( embedded devices, server-class systems). OpenShift’s support for ARM allows users to get the benefits from both ARM and OpenShift, while giving organizations greater flexibility and cost savings.

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What’s the ARM Deal?

The ARM support isn’t just a great news for OpenShift users, but a huge opportunity for businesses. Having access to a full-featured OpenShift that can take advantage of ARM architectures means potential savings on hardware, cooling and power costs. Since OpenShift is most often used to scale deployments, the ARM support could help to reduce the overall cost of operation even further.

Giving the Competition The Cold ARM

On top of the potential cost savings, OpenShift’s ARM support gives it a major edge over the competition. Other platforms may have existing support for ARM processors, but they won’t be distinguished by the flexibility or scalability of OpenShift’s ARM support. As the market moves more and more towards ARM, having a reliable and effective platform to deploy on can be a major advantage.

Helping to Get ARMed and Dangerous

Red Hat is also providing additional resources to help OpenShift users make the most of the ARM support. This includes a comprehensive guidebook and a series of articles to help educate users on the ABC’s of ARM and OpenShift. Plus, the company has set up a dedicated Slack channel for those who want to discuss more in-depth aspects of the platform’s ARM support.

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Wrapping ARM

OpenShift Kubernetes is getting an ARM boost courtesy of Red Hat, and it’s definitely something to be excited about! With the ARM support and the additional resources provided, OpenShift users now have yet another way to reduce their costs and gain more flexibility. We MATTer (Get it? Like a pun? ARM? Matter? Haha…nevermind!).

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