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Soccer fans: How to avoid paying full price for MLS Season Pass

Avoiding Full Price for an MLS Season Pass

We All Love Soccer and We’re All On a Budget!

Have you been dying to watch all the live MLS matches this season but can’t stomach the full price tag for a subscription? Here are some tips on how to avoid paying full price for the MLS Pass and still get your soccer fix!

Buy From A Third-Party Seller

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Third-party sellers are all over the internet selling discounted subscriptions. Chances are, someone is selling a less expensive option because they can no longer make use of their season pass. Just be sure to look around and check the seller’s ratings before making any purchase.

Get A Subscription Through Your Cable Provider

Most cable providers offer discounts on MLS Pass subscriptions. So if you’re an existing customer, you can usually get a discount on your subscription. Check your cable provider for the best deal.

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Join a Soccer League

Many local leagues offer MLP Pass subscriptions as part of their membership fees. So if you want to get a discount on your subscription and get to meet fellow soccer fans in the process, consider joining a local soccer league!

Bundle Up and Save

If you want to get the most bang for your buck and save on your subscription, consider bundling it with other services. Many companies offer discounted rates if you purchase multiple services together such as an internet/TV bundle.

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Use The Right Apps

Some apps offer discounts and coupons on MLS Pass subscriptions. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks, make sure you look around and take advantage of the offers available.

Bottom Line

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Don’t let the full price of an MLS Pass subscription dissuade you from watching your favorite teams this season! With a bit of research and savvy shopping, you can easily get a discount on your MLS Pass subscription. And don’t forget to join a local soccer league and bundle up to maximize your savings.

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