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Twitter opens public appeals for suspended accounts

Twitter Gets Unfollowed: Public Appeals for Suspended Accounts

Are you one of the unlucky few whose Twitter account has been put on the naughty step? That’s right, Twitter has been suspending accounts left, right and centre, and if you’ve been a victim of the axe, you can now make a public appeal!

So, What’s The Deal?

Twitter have recently announced a new public appeals system that users whose accounts have been suspended can utilize. If a user feels their account was suspended in error, they can submit an appeal request which will be reviewed, and ultimately the account should be reactivated if the user is found to be innocent.

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What’s All This Suspending About?

The whole reason behind Twitter’s sweeping account suspensions is to ensure that all users are abiding by the platform’s rules. Believe it or not, some folks overlook this whole *rules* thing and think they can share whatever they want with no consequences – sounds crazy, right?

A Public Platform for Private Grievances

The new service launched by Twitter is not only limited to appeals but is also allowing users to post details regarding suspended accounts in a public manner. This means that those who might have had their profiles suspended can now publicly share why they think the removal was unjust and make their complaints known so the platform can take the appropriate action.

How Can I Make an Appeal?

If you’ve had your Twitter account suspended, don’t fret. You don’t have to just sit back and accept it; you can take action and make an official appeal. All you have to do is submit the form on the Twitter Suspended Accounts page, answering questions each in step. They’ll then look into the case and review your account. Chances are, you’ll be back up and tweeting in no time!

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How Do I Stay On The Right Side?

It’s easy to get carried away when using Twitter. If you’re looking to stay out of the suspension queue, here are a few tips:

  • Avoid being a spammer – no matter how much you love the widget you’re selling, repeatedly posting the same thing across multiple accounts is a no-no.
  • Disable auto-DM’s – automated direct messages directing users to your website or product are a big no-no. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being scammed.
  • Be careful with trending topics – sure, it’s great to get in on the conversation, but don’t be afraid to check what you’re about to tweet before you commit – you don’t want to accidentally post something offensive.

A Final Word

Generally speaking, if you play by the rules, Twitter is an amazing platform suited to pretty much anyone with something to say. So long as you use it in the right way, you won’t get caught out by the suspension team. That being said, now you know that if you do fall foul of the rules, there is a way back in…you just need to make an appeal!

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