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Where to stream viral Canadian horror movie Skinamarink in Canada

Where to Stream the Canadian Horror Gem: Skinamarink

Canadians know that horror can take on many forms. None more popular than our own Skinamarink. The viral hit is one of the most talked about Canadian horror movies of all time, and if you’re here, you may be wondering “where can I see it?”

Stream it on Your Favourite Platform

Do you prefer mainstream platforms with a wide range of viewing options? You can find Skinamarink available to stream on:

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  • Crave
  • Apple TV
  • Telus Optik TV

Of course, the best way to watch Skinamarink is with the ones you love – so why not throw a movie night with your friends or family? You can even make it extra creepy if you’re feeling adventurous – dim the lights and have some popcorn for extra suspense!

Rent it on Digital

If streaming your movies isn’t your style, you’re in luck – Skinamarink is available for digital rental as well.

  • Google Play
  • Itunes
  • Microsoft

You can rent Skinamarink for a one time fee, and then you own it for life. No hassle, and no need to race against the clock to watch it before the rental period is up.

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No matter how you prefer to watch horror movies, getting your hands on this classic piece of Canadiana is easy. So why not kick off your weekend with some horror, Canadian-style?

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