Home Technology Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 review: Awesome sound, average ANC

Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 review: Awesome sound, average ANC

Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 Review – The Audio Experience of a Lifetime!

When it comes to headphones, you’d think Bowers & Wilkins had hit the pinnacle of audio perfection with their P-Series line. But then they released the Pi7 S2 headphones, and we were all blown away!

Sound Quality

The Pi7 S2 is a truly remarkable piece of tech that makes listening to music on it a pure pleasure. The sound quality is extraordinary – very clear and crisp. The bass is deep and powerful, and the highs are crystal clear. It’s the perfect combination of sound for any kind of music. Plus, the noise-cancelling technology allows you to totally block out any external noise, so you can just relax and enjoy your music.

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Noise Cancelling

Speaking of noise-cancelling, the Pi7 S2 has decent-but-average ANC (noise-cancelling) capabilities. This means that it does a decent job of blocking out background noises from your environment, but it’s not the best noise-cancelling game in town.


The Pi7 S2 has been designed for your comfort. It’s lightweight, has cushioning for added comfort and can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly. So, whether you’re wearing them for hours at a time or just for short music sessions, you can rest assured that the Pi7 S2 will offer you a great listening experience.


Overall, the Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 headphones offer a great audio experience with decent noise cancellation. The sound quality is excellent and they are also incredibly comfortable. So if you’re looking for a set of headphones that combine great sound, good noise cancellation and comfort, then the Pi7 S2 headphones should be at the top of your list.

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