Home Technology Elon Musk claims Twitter will start sharing ad revenue with Blue subscribers

Elon Musk claims Twitter will start sharing ad revenue with Blue subscribers

Social Media On Steroids: Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Will Start Sharing Ad Revenue With Blue Subscribers

Are you a member of the generation with a smartphone in one hand and a constant need for social media validation? Then you’ll be quite thrilled with the latest news from ex-PayPal founder, billionaire investor, and Sanity crusader Elon Musk: Twitter will start sharing its ad revenue with Blue subscribers.

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can be a part of the inner circle and benefit from Twitter’s ad income. All you have to do is become a Twitter Blue subscriber and voila, you’ll soon be rolling in a virtual river of cash.

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About Blue Subscribers

Blue subscribers are those who pay Twitter a monthly fee to access exclusive services like:

  • Enhanced customizeability
  • Additional emojis
  • Custom reading modes
  • All sorts of bells and whistles

Benefits of Being a Blue Subscriber

Well, besides now being able to benefit from Twitter’s ad revenue, Blue subscribers get a whole bunch of other benefits:

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  • Ad-free scrolling
  • Pinned tweets
  • Scheduled tweets
  • And more

It’s finally time to get your share of the pie! With the revenue sharing system, becoming a Blue subscriber might just be the best financial decision you make this decade.

But don’t take our word for it. If you continue to scroll through Twitter looking for validation in the endless procrastination wasteland, you may just find yourself an official Blue subscriber.

It seems like with this new system, Fire Max might finally be able to change the world one tweet at a time. Let’s hope it’s in the right direction!

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