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ISP Start.ca joins Telus banner

Start.ca Joins the Telus Banner

Say goodbye to one of the most beloved and long standing ISPs in Canada, Start.ca is saying goodbye to its tiny Canadian flag as it officially joins the Telus banner. We’re sure this news comes with at least a twinge of sadness for those who have enjoyed the ISP’s services for years, but fear not – these changes aren’t coming to cause a disturbance in service.

As part of Telus, Start.ca seeks to benefit its customers with services like extended 4G and 5G coverage, improved customer support, and higher speed internet access – thus becoming the best and most reliable internet service provider in the country.

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So What Can customers Expect?

Start.ca customers are in for a treat with this new partnership. Telus is committed to offering a much higher quality of service with fewer drop outs, faster speeds, and more features. Plus, Telus’ extensive deployment of fibre networks across the country means that Start.ca customers will be able to access much higher speeds and more reliable connections than ever before.

To kick off this amazing new development, customers will be able to take advantage of some exclusive offers and promotions, including discounts on installation and hardware upgrades. Here’s a quick list of some of the advantages:

  • Discounted installation fees
  • Exclusive hardware upgrades
  • Access to the fastest internet speeds available
  • Improved reliability and coverage
  • Higher quality customer service

We’re sure you have to have a few questions about this change, so let’s start with the big one – will there be any difference in the prices you pay for your internet service? The answer is a big, fat no. Your current prices are still be in effect, so no need to worry about needing money to soothe the shock of this change.

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You can rest assured knowing that Start.ca has found a reliable home with Telus, and that all of your existing plans, including monthly costs and any existing commitments you have will remain unchanged. It’s something that everyone can smile about – especially in these trying times!

All in all, the merging of these two forces is an exciting one, and we expect that amazing things are in store for those who are already associated with Start.ca, and any newcomers who will now get to experience their services. The future is bright for Telus and Start.ca!

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