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TikTok to begin testing feature to reset ‘For You’ page

Tik Tok To Help Us All Start Fresh

We’ve all been there, endlessly tumblin’ through Tik Tok’s ‘For You’ page, hoping to find something new. There’s a reason we’re there, we know that somewhere out there is something amazing that we can have fun with… but it just isn’t quite coming to us yet.

But fear no more! Tik Tok of course has heard our cries for change, and is rolling out a new feature to help us all start fresh.

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Say Goodbye To That Endless Scroll of Same Old Videos

Tik Tok plans to trial a ‘Reset’ button on the ‘For You’ page. This experiment is set to launch soon, and they’re sure that it’s going to be a huge hit.

The Reset button will clear videos that you have already seen and replaces them with brand new content for you to enjoy. So now you can use Tik Tok again, free from the shame of having seen that same 30-second video 12 times.

Flick the Reset Switch, Refresh Yourself

With the Reset button, you can enjoy Tik Tok the way it’s meant to be. When the new content pops up, you can give everyone a fresh start, revealing a whole new world of dazzling videos, amazing laughs, and whatever else might be waiting.

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This amazing feature allows you to search without worry, without all the same videosscrolling by. So say goodbye to all that unnecessary stress, and say hello to the refreshing world of Tik Tok possibilities.

Make the Most Of It!

To make the most of Tik Tok’s new Reset feature, here are a few tips from someone who’s been there:

  • Don’t let the reset button take up your whole day.
  • Take your time, explore and have fun
  • Don’t forget to interact with people, you can meet some great people
  • And finally, don’t forget to keep it clean.

Tik Tok’s new Reset feature is sure to be a hit and the perfect way to help us all get the very best out of the app. Who knows what you’ll find on the ‘For You’ page after pressing the Refresh button? All we know is that it’ll be fun!

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