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Twitter to start charging for access to its free API

Twitter to start charging even for a glimpse of their APIs? There must be something wrong with the algorithm…

It seems like the big bosses at Twitter are finally ready with the implementation of their new business plan. Days after the Twitter public API was removed from their platform, the guys have finally made up their minds to charge for their API access!

Since the API allowed developers to access the Twitter data and create applications that enhance user experience, it was widely used and loved by many. But under the new rule, the only ones profiting right now are the lawyers who must have been paid a fortune to draft the new policy.

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However, if you think that this news will affect the users, you are wrong. Looking at the silver lining, we can expect some might good changes in the near future.

Let’s break down this news

  • You will still have free access to the Tweets:

    • You can still access the tweets from the users you follow and the replies and direct messages directed to you.

  • Access to the platform’s enhanced features will need to be paid for:

    • You will need to cough up some money to access some of the “premium features”. These features are only available to developers and select partners.

The news of Twitter charging for its APIs has left tech-nerds and developers sulking and cursing. But the situation isn’t as hopeless as it seems. The big bosses probably hope to gain some extra bucks for their winter holiday.

Although the move isn’t entirely liked, it still can bring about some positive changes to the platform as the money can be utilized for the benefit of everyone.

What’s the future?

The future of Twitter is uncertain. With the new policy in place, some of the “premium features” or even some of the new features might be chargeable. And if the policy spreads, we might fall under the rule of people with money holding all the power!

So if you want to save Twitter, you will have to start a hashtag or two. Tweet away people!
#FreeTwitter #MakeTwitterGreatAgain

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