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All the big tech layoffs of 2023

Big Tech Layoffs of 2023: All the People Will be “Deleted”

It’s been a dark year for tech, and we don’t mean the kind of dark photos Instagram users filter. From companies that make everyone’s life “easier” to the ones that promise to make morning commutes smarter, a slew of companies have announced mass layoffs, bringing thousands of high-paying jobs down the drain.

The Titans of Technology Take a Hit

Facebook was the first to shake the tech world when they announced they would be letting go 7000 workers in April 2023. In the same month, Google followed closely behind and cut 10,000 positions in its hardware division.

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Smaller Companies Feel the Pain, Too

But the world of tech is nothing if not diverse. Even smaller companies got hit with the layoff bug. Uber, who has been struggling to turn a profit since its inception, let go of 3500 workers. Meanwhile, tech giant Apple had to let go 4000 staff members in the same month.

The Impact on Workers

Unsurprisingly, the impact of these cuts have been far and wide. From the IT workers to the graphic designers, these mass layoffs have struck a deep chord in the tech community. It’s no small matter: tech is supposed to be our savior, the industry of the future. Now, many of us will have to find jobs somewhere else.

Taking a Positive Spin on it

Now, if we are to go for the more “optimistic” route we can see one silver lining: tech layoffs open the door for new talent to enter the industry. Think of it this way: The more layoffs there are, the more opportunities open up for newbies.

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What to Expect in 2023

So what should we expect in the coming months? Here’s a quick list of what you can expect in the world of tech layoffs:

  • Facebook: 7000 layoffs
  • Google: 10,000 layoffs
  • Uber: 3500 layoffs
  • Apple: 4000 layoffs

It’s been a rough year for tech, and there’s no telling what else may be lurking in the shadows. As always, there’s still time for hope and change. Keep your head up, and you might just make it out alive. Good luck!

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