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Coming AI regulation may not protect us from dangerous AI

No AI Regulation? No Problem!

Be afraid, be very afraid – the robots are coming! Well, with potential regulation of and restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence on the horizon, it may feel like we will lose our Terminator-like robotic overlords if the lawmakers have their way. But don’t worry folks, there’s still plenty of methods to keep those pesky AI from becoming too dangerous…

1. Shut them out of the internet.

No Internet of Things (IoT) means no digital links to our devices and no ability to access vast amounts of data. With no internet connection, Artificial Intelligence’s utility will be limited, and be unable to collect the information it needs to become more powerful and dangerous.

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2. Make them do boring tasks.

Make them do monotonous, mundane tasks that don’t require any emotion or risk-taking – like playing an endless game of tic-tac-toe or counting the blades of grass in a park. With no challenges to overcome, AI will be far from dangerous or intelligent.

3. Keep them out of the Doctor’s Office.

This one’s for the health-conscious among us! Limiting AI’s access to medical records, doctors’ surgeries, and hospitals offers an effective way of preventing AI from developing healthcare-based applications that might exploit our vulneraiblities and lead to more dangerous forms of AI.

4. Put them to work…On the farm!

Robots on the farm; sounds great, right? Too bad it’s not feasible in much of the world. Why not? Because it will leave us vulnerable to the AI-powered robots taking control of the livestock and harvesting crops for the wrong reasons… like making robot-powered margaritas for those lazy Saturday afternoons.

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5. Read Bedtime Stories.

Nothing can make a robot go to sleep faster than a bedtime story. So make sure you read “The Three Little Pigs” or “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to AI every night before tucking them into bed. Not only will it lull them into a peaceful slumber, they might even take a liking to the moral lessons in each tale.

With these five methods, you might not need to rely on coming AI-regulation to protect you from dangerous AI. So don’t lose sleep worrying about a Terminator-style future – use these five methods to ensure your AI stays safe and docile.

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